15 Must Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Website Maintenance Agency

It is not necessary to build a high-quality website that provides visitors with excellent content. To ensure that a website works as it should, it needs continuous maintenance at every level. Otherwise, you risk losing customers and bringing into question your professionalism. This article will make you wise enough to choose the right.

In order to guarantee that your website is in the best possible hands, you need to ask the Website Maintenance Agency the following questions:

  1. Do you have a predefined onboarding & ongoing process for Website Maintenance? If yes, please explain.

An agency providing website maintenance services must have a predefined process for all phases of the service journey. Predefined processes ensure that the deliverability will not be compromised in any scenario and the approach must towards safety and security of the project.

A Predefined Onboarding Process must contain below:

  • How the Support team will initiate the project?
  • What all initiation tasks will be done?
  • What Reports will be sent upon completion of the initiation process?

A Predefined Ongoing Process must answer the below questions:

  • At what frequency and what are the scheduled activities that will be carried out?
  • How it will be reported to the customer?

  1. Is your onboarding & ongoing process for website maintenance is transparent to customers?

This question is to know how you would be aware of the activities that are carrying out through the program. The answer must contain reports, dashboards, customer area, etc.

  1. Do you have a dedicated support team? If yes, what are their capabilities and strengths?

This is to know who will be serving you. If they are not dedicated, you will get delayed service leading to loss of your brand reputation and security. You must ask how long their experience is, how many dedicated to what service, what are their core expertise etc.

  1. What is your TaT (Turn around Time)?

Turnaround Time Refers to the period of time required to perform and complete a submitted request. Here you must know if you placed a request for change or support, how soon you will get it done. Usually, the system must confirm or acknowledge the submission, it should allocate to an executive and the task must get completed within stipulated time unless informed.

  1. Do you have an escalation matrix?

An escalation matrix is a ladder to reach the highest responsible person in the worst-case scenario. A reputed organization must have an escalation matrix for their customer to ensure the quality of service before it gets worsen.

  1. Do you have a Specialized CRM for Website Maintenance & Management?

This is a very important question to ask. In the era of digital, an agency must adopt a CRM system to ensure deliverability and scalability. Here you must ask, how the CRM will help handing various activities of the maintenance program such as tickets, usage, renewal, exit, etc.

  1. Do you provide a detailed activity report of monthly scheduled maintenance? And what other reports will I get from your team?

Generally, monthly security and updating activity on a website is recommended. Even some experts recommend to do it weekly. With that said, your agency must answer how they do handle monthly activities and will you get a detailed report or not. Apart from the activity report what other reports you will get i.e. website audience report, website load time report, website performance report, etc.

  1. What are value additions you do provide apart from Website Maintenance along with it (without any additional cost)?

An agency must provide values additional to what committed for their long term customer retention. This makes agency industry expertise. We encourage you to ask this question to any of representative communicating you from team Aarav. We have a long list of value additions to our website maintenance program.

  1. Do you provide a mobile app to raise and manage support requests?

People now days seeking all the facilities at their fingertips. Hence if an agency is mature in the field of website maintenance, it must provide a mobile app as an additional source of support.

  1. Who are your top brands under website maintenance services?

This question is for you to ensure that the service you are going to opt for is proven and adopted by the other too. You can evaluate this by checking some of their website maintenance client video testimonials if they do have on their website. If you wish, you can call their website maintenance clients randomly to inspect the level of service they provide.

  1. How do you manage your backup system?

Is it auto our manual? How frequently do they take backups? How to store and restore backups. Is their process aware of the backup system? These questions also would be an addition to your quest. The purpose is to know how safe you are with the hands of the agency you are opting for.

  1. How do you manage if my website got hacked or infected, unfortunately on a Holiday or non-working hours?

We all know the team will be there in case of unfortunate situations of hacking and malware. What if your website got hacked in non-working hours? Will the agency support the situation? If yes how soon it would be.

  1. How you manage and secure my credentials?

This question is for your privacy. Does the agency have a password management policy in place? How do the share and manage the very important password and information? This question is a must to ensure your right to privacy.

  1. Will I get a SPOC for my website maintenance services?

A SPOC is necessary to ensure the clarify of communication and to maintain customer relationships humanly. Hence, you must ask will they provide you a Single Point of Contact for your website maintenance.

  1. What is your exit process for Website Maintenance Customers?

A mature Website Maintenance program must have an exit process too. The exit process is not just to say goodbye, it’s it to ensure the smooth handover of all the information, password, backups and other stuff to your new agency. If you ask this question in prior, you don’t have to beg for your righteous stuff.

Hope, we made you wise enough to choose the right. If you have any other must ask questions, your valuable comments are highly appreciated.

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