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Advertising and marketing Podcast with Nancy Harhut

On this episode of the Duct Tape Advertising and marketing Podcast, I interview Nancy Harhut. Nancy is the co-founder and Leader Ingenious Officer at HBT Advertising and marketing. A widespread convention speaker and writer of The use of Behavioral Science in Advertising and marketing: Force Buyer Motion and Loyalty through Prompting Instinctive Responses.

Key Takeaway:

Behavioral scientists have studied how other folks make choices and what they discovered may be very continuously other folks aren’t making those well-thought-out, well-considered choices. What persons are doing as an alternative is we’re depending on decision-making shortcuts, which might be those automated, instinctive, reflexive behaviors that people have evolved over the millennia so to preserve psychological power. On this episode, Nancy Harhut joins me to speak about how we as entrepreneurs can build up the possibility that individuals will have interaction with and reply to our advertising and marketing messages.

Questions I ask Nancy Harhut:

  • [1:29] How do you outline instinctive responses?
  • [4:00] Do you ever concern that individuals would possibly be told behavioral science and create instinctive responses that aren’t essentially for excellent?
  • [5:45] The place do you spot entrepreneurs getting this concept of the use of behavioral science within the advertising and marketing realm?
  • [6:46] How will we create emotion in order that they get the chance to again it up with good judgment?
  • [10:47] A large number of instances we can do issues to keep away from ache or rapid loss earlier than we can do issues which can be excellent for us. I’ve heard entrepreneurs discuss other folks will purchase painkillers as an alternative of nutrients. How does that one play right into a marketer’s talent to get an instinctive reaction?
  • [11:48] Are there sure techniques to make use of shortage and urgency?
  • [13:45] How does reciprocation come into play with people?
  • [17:23] How do you carry some urgency and shortage to companies that experience an excessively lengthy gross sales cycle?
  • [19:33] Do you in finding that any of those tactics or those approaches are simpler visually as opposed to phrases or tales?
  • [21:18] When a shopper involves you and so they’re suffering with a problem, do you’ve roughly a tick list you employ, or is each and every case distinctive?
  • [22:23] One of the vital belongings you’ve performed within the e-book is that you just roughly smash down on the finish of the bankruptcy with motion steps. Do you even have some checklists and issues that individuals can obtain as effectively?
  • [23:22] The place can other folks be told extra about your paintings, connect to you, and get a replica of your e-book?

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