A Synopsis of PPC Services

A Synopsis of PPC Services

PPC or CPC (Pay per click or Cost per click accordingly) are Internet advertising models that are used to divert traffic from search engines or other platforms to various ad-integrated websites. In such commercials, advertisers pay the publishers (usually a website owner) on a per click basis. It can be defined as the amount spent to get an ad clicked.

While creating a PPC ad, advertisers bid on keyword phrases to target potential customers on search engines. Various websites usually charge a fixed amount per click instead of using a bidding structure. PPC display ads, also known as banner ads, are publicized on websites or search engines with relevant content.

How a PPC incorporated website is different from a general one?

Unlike a general portal, which strives to get a high volume of traffic, PPC incorporates an affiliate model, which places procurement opportunities in places where a user browses. This is done by offering monetary incentives (in the form of a revenue ratio) to the affiliated partner websites. It is a pay-for-action model. Its variations include pay-per-click, banner exchange and profit sharing models.

Service offerings

Entrepreneurs get the following services by incorporating a PPC model into their business:

• Define campaign plan
• Advanced keyword search and selection
• Creative development, including attention to detail, interest, desire, call to action
• Categorize landing pages
• Monitor campaign conversion rates
• Ad submission
• Manage bids and track ROI (return on investment)
• Monthly analysis
• Campaign assessment
• Campaign optimization

Why enterprises need a service provider?

Entrepreneurs partner with a PPC service provider as they monitor the performance of ads and evaluate the results, management processes, deliverables and more. The method aims at increasing campaign efficiency by growing the rate of conversions and lowering the cost per click. Service vendors undertake a day-to-day campaign management activity.

Service vendors provide an advanced keyword research and implement strategies to establish a list of keyword phrases that are relevant to the advertiser’s product or service. It is the first step in the pay-per-click keyword submission process. Once the right keyword phrases are decided, the users are targeted and directed to a website. These users are highly qualified and likely to be motivated to buy a product or request information about a service on that website.

When enterprises opt for pay per click advertising, the ads appear on the top or on the right side in the sponsored listings areas of the search engines. Every major search engines have a search engine marketing program which generates more traffic through these advertisements. Their strategy is common; the highest bidder gets the top position for a particular keyword. This results in drawing more traffic to a particular website.

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