Arrange Your University Anniversary Convocation in a Grand Way

University Anniversary Convocation is a never-to-miss event. You will get to meet all your fellow alumni, staff, and friends after a pretty long time. I thoroughly enjoyed my University’s 75th Annual Convocation last year, meeting and chatting with my old friends and recalling my good old University days.

Organizing a convocation includes a lot of work in terms of sorting out the guest list, opening registration, selling out tickets, managing money, and more. However, you can manage everything related to your University Anniversary Convocation in a grand way if you take the help of an online solution.

Start Your Registration Process Online

Instead of letting the University alumni and other guests wait in a long line to visit the registration area, why not start the sign up process in the Cloud! Believe me, it’s one of the easiest ways to complete registration process easily and fast. You can manage your events admission by simply offering online registration pages to all the potential registrants. They can visit the portal anytime they wish to and complete all the necessary formalities to finally attend the University’s prestigious Anniversary Convocation.

Sell Out Tickets Instantly

Have you ever thought of selling your event tickets over the internet? It can be one of the best things possible to maximize your event attendance. The online ticketing system will allow you to promote your University event on the ticketing page. Thus, you can reach out to a larger number of alumni. Web-based ticket sales eliminate the chances of long lines and ensure faster check-in. The web-based procedure also lead to increased ticket sales, as more individuals can register in a lesser time. People can also use a number of payment gateways and procedures, including their credit cards, PayPal, and checks, to get the event tickets.

Hassle-free Money Management

Managing money is a difficult and boring task that all organizers have to perform whenever they arrange an event – University convocation, meeting, fundraiser, or musical festival. For a not-so-boring, hassle-free payment management process, you can always resort to an online money management technique. It’s a smart way of collecting money and keeping an account of the funds received. The system lets you buy University Anniversary Convocation tickets online via Visa and MasterCard, checks, and PayPal. You can also donate money during your University fundraiser through these online means.

Promote Your Event and Increase Your University Convocation Attendance

Promoting your University Anniversary Convocation online will help in spreading the news to alumni, and faculty who are unable to access newspapers and magazines. Online promotion includes sending emails and invitations and uploading event details on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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