Classic Print Media Advertising – Will it Survive?

Print Media Advertising is not something new. There are two main products of print media advertising. One is publishing advertisements in newspaper and the other is publishing advertisements in magazines.

Newspapers come in many varieties. Some being small and only read in a few small cities, while others being published and read nationally. Trade news sheets and newspapers are also included in print media advertising.

If you are thinking about putting your advertisement in a daily paper, there are a few things that should be considered such as size, circulation and price.

Print media advertising rates and charges differ significantly. Daily papers have marketing price cards that are open and accessible on the internet. An advertisement in The Washington Post can range up to $100,000. The Wall Street Journal will range around $164, 00. The L.A Times will range about $70,000 and in Milwaukee it will range $15,000. All these rates are for a full page advertisement.

The benefit of the print advertising is that it is actually read at work or when possible people are trying to unwind and have some time off. We know that online sources have actually played a big role in reducing the amounts of ads published in newspaper and magazines. All the bulky newspapers that once were hard to read because of so many pages full of ads are now getting lighter and lighter. A lot of small papers no longer exist now and the ones that are left are working hard to survive in this aggressive market.

What internet is doing so different that is taking all the business from these magazines and newspapers? It could be the type of decision made by IDG. The decision is not just selling advertisements for whatever it has, but to benefit from the media’s various functions and began selling advertisements for some other new media properties.

Print media advertising is something that needs to be understood by the new business owners who want to be successful in their business. Whatever medium you use for your print media advertisement, whether it is through newspapers, magazines or internet, make sure you do your research.

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