Don’t Wait For The Opportunity, Create It

Most of us wait for the right opportunity to come. We wait for an opportunity to be offered a better position or a better job. We wait for an opportunity to make more money. Does the opportunity ever come? Sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn’t.

You wait passively for something to happen. Why just daydream and not go beyond the dream? Why become disappointed and unhappy because nothing happens? You can create opportunities!

Opportunities are missed by most people because they don’t realize they’ve encountered such. There will always be opportunities for those who recognize and pursue them. The lucky people are simply those who have taken more chances than average

Often, it is not a matter of creating them, but becoming aware of them. Often, they are there all the time, in front of us, but we do not recognize them. Seeing them and recognizing them requires a change of your mindset.

When you want something very strongly, and focus on it, things start happening. There is no magic here, just plain mental and emotional laws at work. Successful people use these laws, albeit unknowingly. Most people use the same laws, but in a negative manner, creating things they don’t want.

You need to define what you want. If you don’t know what exactly you want, how can you get it? When you know what you want, you will recognize the opportunities. Know your limits. You can’t be perfect. You can’t do everything yourself.

You can’t create a business or live the life of your dreams or make a lot of money if you don’t know your weaknesses, strengths, and passions. If you know your limits and what you are capable of, you will know exactly what you need. Once you begin to know yourself, you will realize your weakness and you can fill these weaknesses with other people’s strengths.

Visualize your goal as already accomplished. Feel it, and enjoy it. This will motivate and energize you to make it real. When you have the motivation, energy, and enthusiasm, you see opportunities, which you haven’t seen before. People you meet would sense your enthusiasm and would open new doors for you.

For example, if you want a new job very much, believe you will find one, and expect to find it, certain opportunities will become available. You might see an advertisement in a newspaper, or a friend might tell you about it. The job was there, and because of your expectant attitude, you became aware of the opportunity. Without this mindset, you would have probably missed it.

Another example is if you want to travel abroad, but believing the trip would cost you a lot of money, you don’t even check the prices. You regard this dream as not an achievable dream. This attitude would block any chance of traveling. This is different if you can awaken a strong ambition, not just a mild wish.

Visualize and see yourself traveling, without having any doubts about it. Sooner or later, you will find a deal, a discount, or some other way to enable you to travel, which you can afford. You might also find an opportunity to make more money, so you can travel.

You should visit different places for at least one time a year. This way you will sure as well meet new people and also might be presented with an opportunity that simply doesn’t exist in your hometown.

If you want to find friends, you create the opportunity by mixing with people, not by staying at home. You create the opportunity, by rehearsing in your mind how to talk and behave, so that they are attracted to you.

If you want to be presented with more opportunities, simply meet new people. The more people you know, the higher chances you will be presented with new experiences. Go to meetings with people having similar interests as you.

You just never know, life is unpredictable, and that’s why you should always keep your eyes wide open. You might miss an opportunity simply because you were too busy listening to your iPod. Always be on the lookout even when doing simple activities as drinking coffee, riding the bus, or walking back home.

Don’t be afraid to ask. – Just DON’T! There is no shame in not knowing something, and there is no shame in questioning things. Most people would gladly help you if you asked them nicely for some help. People are not monsters, most of us are good and kind. You just have to ask the right way.

Don’t be afraid to try a different approach. Build your self-confidence. You can’t make people follow you if you don’t look confident. If you could make people follow you, you will surely be able to create a lot of opportunities for yourself/ your company/ your workplace.

Keep learning. Learning is a process that never ends. You can always learn something new. Always maintain the attitude of a student. If you think you are done learning, bitterness set in, but if you have more to achieve every day, in any arena, that makes each morning’s awakening full of potential and cheery portent.

In the end, it all comes to doing. You will never get presented with opportunities by sitting and watching TV all day. Go out, feel, see, be, and take part in life. If you are active and always on the lookout, you will always end up in the right place at the right moment.

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