Form Maker Software

Form Maker Software

1. FormGet – Form Builder Software

This form builder software helps you to create online forms for your website in the fraction of time. It has simple drag-drop form building option by which you can build creative form for your site. Forms created using FormGet can be used for lead generation, subscription or even you can use it for payments, and products selling.

The FormGet software is simple to use and implement. Moreover, this will help you to get immediate notifications along with complete message via email when a user submits the form.

It allows you to make changes in the form like edit, delete and add your own designing in the forms according to your own choice. So, you can change the color of the background and add various fields in your form, or you can even add buttons and a lot more.

Other Useful Features:

You can easily apply a custom design to forms this will make your form stand out with custom designing. Also, you are allowed to add your own branding or logos to the online forms to make your website more famous.

The noteworthy feature is it allows you to collect instant payment with PayPal or Stripe. This will give your users multiple payment choices and you will start collecting payment instantly.

This software allows you to view all the form submissions at one place. Further, you can check messages and reply to leads instantly by using this software.

One can embed or share forms instantly in three different ways these are – first, you can directly embed your forms on your website. Second, you are allowed to embed form links which you can use on various platforms. Third and the best, one can embed these online forms in the form of sliding widgets on the site.


Pricing plans for this FormGet software are given below-

Starters Plan – This plan cost you $5 with 1 users access and 1 form support and 1200 submissions/month and themes and you will get live chat support system.

Rookie Plan- Available at $35 along with 2GB file uploads, and multiple Dropbox account integrations.

Pro Plan- Buy this plan at $79 for a month and its yearly at $790, it provides you 260+ ready templates, 18 months upload storage and priority support.

Advance Plan- Grab the advance plan at $99 where you will get all the features of above three plans along with autoresponder, sliding/popup forms, help desk, export data and more.

2. Pabbly Forms

This powerful software helps you to create online forms quickly and easily. Further, the forms allow you to capture leads, payments and much more.

Using Pabbly forms web form builder you can create forms to sell a product, collect payment or you can even sign up form in just a few clicks. The forms created using this software are multilingual that is it can be converted in any language according to requirements. You can easily share your forms in the social sharing sites or you can directly embed the form to any platform.

Its important feature is it has 2 type of payment method available for receiving money from clients these are-

One Time Payment – You can collect money from a client using various payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe etc., in just a few clicks and this will make your clients purchase easy and secure.

Recurring Payment – It allows your customers to make payments for the product they buy. These payments can be done at regular intervals of time, say monthly, quarterly, yearly which you can set accordingly.

Other Useful Features:

It provides you the variety of pre-built templates that you can use for creating the forms and make a beautiful featured form for your website.

You can give form access to your team members or clients. Also, it has an option for creating multiple forms and give selected access to team members or clients so that they can manage their own forms.

There is an option to connect your forms with Email Marketing applications like MailChimp, Amazon SES etc. This will make your captured leads to be directly sent to your email marketing application in seconds.

Embed the form on your website as a sliding form or tabbed form, a plain form that is embedded in between website content or sidebars. Further, you can also place them as a complete form with header and footer.


There are 4 different pricing plans for this Pabbly software these are-

Starters – Buy this plan at $11 for one-month subscription (extend it for a year by paying $110). You will get 1200 submission per month and 1 payment account along with 3 Google analytics account integration.

Rookie – Get this plugin at $35 (yearly plan at $350) where you will get 5 users access along with 25 forms. Also, you will get 25k submissions per month and unlimited Google analytics account integration with this plan.

Pro Plan – This plan will cost you $79 (yearly plan at $790), it provides you 10 users access and unlimited forms. Further, you will get 7 GB file uploads and one time or recurring payment options.

Advance Plan – Available at $99 with many dropbox account integration and more than 260 ready templates for form creation.

3. NinjaForms

It is one of the most amazing web form maker software with more than 11 million installations. This will allow you to make beautiful, and responsive forms in the fraction of time.

NinjaForms has drag and drops editor which you can use to customize form according to your choice. Further, it gives you a lot more functionality and flexibility. Also, super easy to use and style to your website as knowledge of programming is not required for using this software.

Other Useful Features:

A website owner can control every element of form from general settings down to individual fields. Further, you can also control submit actions and emails and fine-tune every part of your online form.

You can add Ninja Form to your website with a widget, shortcode, and templates, etc. Also, you are able to append it automatically to any content you choose.

NinjaForms is translation ready in nature which is helpful for easy conversion of online form to any language.


Agency Plan- Buy this plat at $499 for a year with unlimited sites license and 1 year of regular updates & support.

Professional Plan- This cost you $199 /year comes with 20 sites license and full support. Further, you are getting builder pro pack consist of various layout & styles, file uploads and more.

Personal Plan – Grab this plan at just $99 with full updates up to 1 year, 1 site license and get 20% off in additional add-ons.

4. 123FormBuilder

This is a widely used form maker software which helps to build any type of online forms. Also, one can manage workflows and collect accurate data with ease in few minutes. This will save your time and keep your data organized. Moreover, the best part of this software is its integration with Google Docs. This will allow you to send form submissions directly to spreadsheets.

Other Useful Features:

You can track your online form performance through in-depth analytics. Also, you can use graphical reports from this real-time form builder for data mining.

It has easy drag-and-drop options so that you just have to drag & drop fields to your form. And you can select your notification email which makes your survey form creation easier.

Protect your web forms with SSL, Captcha and more. Moreover, you can create a password which will protect contact forms & other HTML forms.


Basic Plan- It is a FREE plan which comes with 10 fields entries, 5 forms building access, and 100 submissions/month.

Gold Plan – Buy this plan at $24.99 comes with UNLIMITED Fields, 20 forms, 5000 submissions/month and you will get 500MB storage for uploads in this Gold plan.

Platinum Plan – Get this advance plan at $44.99 where you will get 20,000 submissions /month, 2GB storage for uploads and 3rd party apps integration.

5. Wufoo – Web Form Maker Software

Wufoo form designer can help you create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations easily in just a few clicks. This software helps you to collect the data, registrations, and payments with ease.

You can accept online payment with the help of variously integrated payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, and

Other Useful Features:

With more than 400 customizable, and professional online form templates you can customize and design your form.

You will get an instant notification after people complete your form. This will help you to respond to feedback, requests, or leads immediately.

One can track their form performance, monitor traffic, and integrate with Google Analytics for crucial data.


Free Version – You will get 5 forms, 100 entries, 10 fields, 1 user access and unlimited reports with this FREE plan.

Starter Plan – Buy at $14.08/ month with 10 forms, 1000 entries, 1GB uploads of data and more with this plan.

Professional Plan – Get this plan at $29.08 along with unlimited forms, max fields, 5000+ entries and 5 users access.

Advanced Plan – This plan cost you $74.08 where you will get unlimited forms, more than 25,000 entries and a lot more.

6. Typeform

It is one of the finest form builder software which is helpful for making surveys, forms, and quizzes with ease. It will make your feedback, and information data collection asking easy. As well as users will have fun giving answers with this useful form maker software.

Other Useful Features:

You can bring your contact form to life with a voice and tone that matches your personality which you can embed with your forms.

One can make get more leads by creating quizzes to keep learners engaged. The best part is you can add images or GIFs to make it more attractive.

The versatile feature is you can sell products, services, or tickets to an event via a form. Further, you are able to calculate totals and take payments through Stripe and other payment gateways.

With the help of this form builder software, the results will send directly to your MailChimp list. Also, it allows you to open data in Google Sheets with native integrations.


Basic Plan- This plan is FREE of cost by which you will get 100 responses/month and 10 fields per type form.

PRO Plan – You will get this plugin at $30 with unlimited responses and unlimited fields.

PRO+ Plan – Get this plan at $59 for a month along with multiple users access and unlimited fields and responses.

7. K2 Form Builder Software

The K2 software helps you to create reusable views and forms which are known as smart forms which you can share across your organization. Also, you are able to build new forms faster by reusing existing assets, promote standardization. This will give a consistent user experience.

Moreover, with the help of this K2 form maker, you are able to customize the form and edit or delete the fields according to your need.

Other Useful Features:

One can collect online signatures for processes like contract approval etc online with the help of forms.

You can embed your forms in any web page or the third-party solution, like Salesforce, SharePoint or ASP.NET web page.

The software allowed you to save a form as a PDF for archival purposes. Further, you are able to export form data into excel to do more complex data manipulation.

It has a role based control feature by which one can organize your forms into folders. Also, you can set permissions for who has access to what information, and who has editing authority over the form.


Starter Plan – Buy this plan at $12 where you will get up to 5 workflows and more than 25 forms.

Builder Plan – Grab this package at a reasonable price of $18 along with 25 workflows and 125 forms.

Premier Plan- You can get this plan at $24 where you will get up to 125 workflows and more than 600 forms for access.

Enterprise Plan- Available at $31 along with 5,000+ forms and up to 1000 workflows.

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