Generation Gap Will Destroy Family Bonds

In the good old days books were the main sources of knowledge. A good reader was certainly more knowledgeable than others were. Our new generation is exposed to audio and visual media. These exposures have reduced the learning time. Computers have sharpened the reflexes of our new generation manifold. Introduction of audio and video techniques in educational institutions has increased the gap in the thinking faculties of older and the younger generation. Besides immense advantages of technological progress, it has also given rise to some serious social problems. The most acute problem is the behavior of our younger generation with the elders. I will make an endeavor to highlight some of the problem areas and suggest guidelines, on the basis of my observations, for the younger generation to overcome them in the prevalent environment.

Generally the youngsters complain about boredom and frustration in the company of elders. It has been observed that when the elders start any narration the youngster preempt the conclusion. The elders still keep explaining their viewpoint. This is because of the intellectual gap developed between them. The fast pace of modern inventions is further likely to increase the gap. Under such circumstances the youngsters should realize that they are being brought up in an environment where modern technology has entered their day-to-day routine. At this stage it is difficult for the older people to start learning the handling of modern gadgets, implementation of modern management concepts and follow the new diagnostic techniques. They must grant them this latitude and, still give due regard and respect to the elders and give them patient hearing. In view of the vast exposure and higher level of intelligence, the youngsters should demonstrate more maturity and tolerance. They should politely take part in the conversation without making them feel the large gap of understanding and assimilation. They should not abandon them, as this gesture would badly hurt their feelings and may even make them psychopaths. In our social setup elders of the family are still an asset. They act as a cushion and blessing at different stages of life. Though the older generation cannot contribute much materially, still their usefulness in the family cannot be denied. It is said that old age is the second childhood in one’s life. Everybody has to get old one day and become dependent on the children. Time passes fast especially if one recounts the past events of our elders. Good behavior of the younger generation with their elders serves as an example for the youngsters. This aspect of training of the youngsters is extremely important to keep intact our traditional family bonds.

Some individuals especially the elders gradually develop slow reflexes in their thoughts and actions. This tendency of the elders creates problems when they interact with the new generation. They react if the youngsters do not respond according to their desire. The younger generation must remember that it is difficult to mend the age-old habits of the elders. Therefore the youngsters of today being more intelligent and sharp should adopt a more tactful approach. They should patiently and politely listen to them without entering into serious arguments and disagreements. However, they should meet these challenges using their own judgment and abilities. For progress of the nation great responsibility lies with our younger generation. They must display more tolerance in this era of transition. The elders however must extend full cooperation to their younger generation in making use of latest scientific technology, diagnostic procedures, and modern management and business techniques. Youth must remember that in our social environment elders will always prove to be an asset in creating better harmony and maintaining the traditional family structures. A well-knit family will provide great security for the new generation to fully devote their time and energy in benefiting from the modern technologies and putting the nation on the path of progress.

This smooth transition requires extra maturity and tolerance for the overall progress of the nation. Remember that the older colleagues and bosses are on their way-out and the future is yours.

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