Get The Facts On Google AdWords’ New Modified Broad Match & How To Use It In Your PPC Today

Google AdWords has rolled out yet another keyword matching category. For all of you who grown tired of only having Broad, Phrase & Exact Match to play with, here’s a new PPC frontier to explore. Meet the new Modified Broad Match. Let’s learn a little about what it is first.

As you probably guessed already, Modified Broad is a step up in targeting focus than Broad Match, but a larger range for keyword matching than the Phrase or Exact matches. The idea here is Google bringing back the former standards that Broad Match followed originally.

Broad Match, when first implemented, stuck much closer to the keyphrase than it does now before triggering an ad impression. Some didn’t mind the opening up that Broad Match took on over time. Others did not and made their complaints known to Google. So how do you categorize a keyphrase in AdWords in this new class?

How To Put It To Work In Your AdWords PPC Campaign

To put this to work in your search advertising, you will need to do some hands-on work. Modified Broad Match is set by putting a Plus Sign (+) in front of each word you want matched in a search. That means that if you have a multi-word phrase, like ‘affordable SEO software’ and you want to match at least the last 2 words (‘SEO’ & ‘software’), you would lay it out like this:

Affordable +SEO +company

Google will now match those last 2 words exactly or in close variation. So they might match the search ‘SEO firm’ to the above. ‘Affordable’, since it’s not designated with the plus sign will be matched in the mix using the current Broad Match formula. In other words, ‘Affordable’ or similar words won’t necessarily need to b e present in a search to trigger your search ad, just the words ‘SEO’ & ‘Company’ (or their close variants).

To take advantage of this new PPC tool, go into your AdWords account and click on the Keywords tab. Then you just select a keyphrase, click on the Type column. Click on the match type it currently has and pick Modified Broad Match. Then add the plus signs in the keyphrase as desired.

This offers you a tighter focus on what keyphrases will trigger your PPC ad in the AdWords system. You’ll want to at least give it a tryout and see if it increases the quality of your traffic and the ultimate judgment of your ROI. It’s a promising new development and could give you that middle ground between Broad & Phrase Match that a lot of search marketers have been seeking for a while.