Good PPC Plans Are a Prerequisite to Getting Good ROI

With increasing competition in digital marketing, the race to get a good search engine ranking is now red hot. Websites may not be able to maintain good search engine ranking in-spite of scrupulously adhering to all the facets of search engine optimization. Moreover, search engine optimization demands continuous monitoring and tweaking of optimization parameters. In this respect PPC can be a game changer for you.

What is it

When you go for PPC, the web crawler will show advertisement about your products or services in its search page. When users search for products or services in Google they come across advertisements marked in yellow. The advertisements are placed away from the search results, on the side pane, above or below the search results. If the user’s query matches your portfolio of products or services then your PPC ad will come up in these areas marked in yellow. If the user clicks on the advertisement you have to pay a fee to the web spider such as Google.

Benefits of PPC

Prominent ads

Away from the clumsy search results your ad will gain a prominent place among fewer ads and the yellow label. This evokes the interest of users. Moreover, being few in number, people are more inclined to click on them rather than on the search engine results.

More visitors

The curiosity of the visitors coupled with prominence translates to visits. As the user clicks on your PPC ad he or she lands directly on the landing page of your website. The same user may be directed to an affiliate website if he or she clicks on a search engine result. This makes it a more effective plan in comparison to plain vanilla SEO.

Targeted traffic

Effective PPC plans drive targeted traffic to the website. The user is directed to the landing page of the website directly from the search engine page. He or she will get the hang of your product or service by going through the website. If they like it they will make a purchase, or decide to make a purchase in future.

A good PPC plan

A good PPC plan is a prerequisite for reaping the dividends of pay per click. The plan must incorporate stuff like keyword research, keyword selection, list of negative keywords, long tail keywords, analysis of competition, identification of landing page, Geo analytic, conversion tracking etc. The PPC plan from Google AdWords should be such that your ad comes up in various places such as dynamic search ads, competitor campaigns, Google search partners, mobile etc. The plan must also incorporate price for playing PPC ads placed in Bing.

The cost

The benefits of a good PPC plans always surpasses its cost. You just need a good PPC plan to reap the dividend.

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