How to Create CSAT Surveys with HubSpot Service Hub

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Surveys are a tool used by businesses to measure the satisfaction of their customers with the products or services they receive. These surveys provide valuable insights into how customers feel about their experience with a company, allowing businesses to identify areas of improvement. 

The HubSpot Service Hub enables users to easily create and use CSAT surveys, opening them to a world of opportunities. Interested in building your own CSAT survey? Find out how.

What is a CSAT Survey?

A CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Survey is a type of survey in HubSpot that is used to measure how satisfied customers are with the service or support they receive from a company. It’s typically a short, one-question survey asking customers to rate their experience on a scale, such as “very satisfied” to “very unsatisfied.” The data collected from CSAT surveys can provide valuable insights into areas where a company can improve its customer experience and support. 

The benefits of using a CSAT survey include the following:

  • Improve customer satisfaction: CSAT surveys provide a direct measure of customer satisfaction, allowing companies to identify areas where they can improve their customer experience and support. 

  • Gather actionable feedback: By asking specific, targeted questions, CSAT surveys can gather feedback that can be used to make real-time improvements. 

  • Measure success: CSAT scores can be tracked over time, allowing companies to measure the success of their efforts to improve customer satisfaction. 

  • Improve loyalty: Satisfied customers are more likely to be loyal customers, and CSAT surveys can help identify which customers are most likely to remain loyal. 

  • Understand customer needs: By gaining insight into what customers value most about their experience with a company, CSAT surveys can help companies better understand their customers’ needs and tailor their offerings accordingly.

  • Improve customer retention: Satisfied customers are less likely to switch to a competitor, and CSAT surveys can help companies identify what they’re doing well and what they need to improve to retain customers. 


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CSAT Surveys in HubSpot

The HubSpot Service Hub is a customer service platform that offers a range of tools to help businesses manage and improve their customer experience. One of (many) of these tools is the Surveys features, which enables companies to create and send CSAT Surveys to their customers. 

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Setting up CSAT Surveys in HubSpot

  1. Prerequisites: To create CSAT Surveys with HubSpot Service Hub, you first need to have a HubSpot account and a subscription to the Service Hub, Pro or Enterprise level.

  2. Navigate to the Surveys section: To create a new survey, log into your HubSpot account, go to the Service Hub, and click on the Surveys options in the left-hand menu.

  3. Create a new survey: In the Surveys section, click on the “Create Survey” button to start creating a new survey. You will then be prompted to enter the name of the survey and configure the survey settings. 

  4. Configuring survey settings: In the survey settings, you can specify the frequency of the survey, the recipients (e.g., all customers, customers who received support, etc.), the language, and other options. Once you’ve finished configuring the survey settings, click the “Save” button to create the survey.


Customize Your CSAT Survey

  1. Choose the right question format: When creating a CSAT Survey in HubSpot, you can choose from several question formats, including multiple-choice questions, star ratings, and open-ended questions. Choose the question format that best fits your needs and goals for the survey.

  2. Custom branding to surveys: You can also add custom branding to your CSAT surveys, such as a logo or specific colors, to make them more recognizable and professional. This will help improve response rates and give your customers a more positive experience. 

  3. Create personalized follow-up messages: After customers complete a CSAT Survey, you can set up automated follow-up messages to thank them for their feedback and provide additional information. These messages can be customized to include specific information or ask additional questions to gain further insights.


Analyzing CSAT Survey Results

Once you’ve created your CSAT survey and begun obtaining customer feedback, it’s time to start analyzing your survey results. First and foremost, you need to understand HubSpot’s default CSAT metrics. HubSpot provides several default metrics for analyzing CSAT Survey results, including the average CSAT score, response rate, and customer feedback. These metrics can give you a quick overview of the overall satisfaction of your customers. 

Next, you can start creating custom reports and dashboards within HubSpot. This will help you gain a more in-depth understanding of your survey results. These reports can be tailored to your specific needs and allow you to track and analyze CSAT scores over time. 

Finally, you can export your survey results to a spreadsheet or other data analysis tool for an even more detailed analysis. This is especially useful if you want to perform a more complex analysis or combine survey data with other data sources. 


Best Practices for CSAT Surveys

When building, reviewing, and analyzing your CSAT Surveys, there are a few best practices to keep in mind for the best possible results. 


Send surveys at the right time. 

The timing of your CSAT Surveys can significantly impact the response rate and accuracy of the results. Consider sending surveys shortly after a customer interacts with your business, such as after a purchase or customer service interaction. 


Keep surveys short and straightforward.

Keep your CSAT Surveys short and to the point with a focus on a few key questions. This can help improve response rates and ensure that customers are more likely to provide accurate and meaningful feedback. 


Provide clear instructions.

Make sure to provide clear instructions for customers on how to complete the survey and what information is being asked for. This can help improve response rates and ensure that the feedback received is meaningful.


Incorporate feedback into continuous improvement.

It’s essential to use the feedback from CSAT Surveys to drive continuous improvement. Incorporate the feedback into your business processes and consider how you can make changes to improve the customer experience. 


Insights Equal Improvements

HubSpot CSAT Surveys are a simple yet excellent way to obtain customer feedback. As these surveys are so simple, customers are more likely to answer them, providing your company with insights that could otherwise be challenging (and expensive) to obtain. With these newfound insights, your company can identify areas of improvement, ultimately helping you to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. 

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to hear from your customers, the HubSpot Service Hub is your answer. User-friendly and highly customizable, you’ll find it easier than ever to manage and connect with your customers.

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