How To Make Sure Your Article Gets A Top Listing In Google

A top listing in Google almost guarantees a decent stream of traffic, and with traffic comes sales, right? Well, if you’ve done it right it does. I am assuming that you have already decided on a niche/market and a product to promote. The next step is choosing your keywords. A keyword is the phrase that searchers/surfers will type into a search engine when they are looking for information.

The top listings in Google will get all the clicks. Surfers rarely go past the second page of the search results. So the goal is to make sure your article gets a top listing in Google or else it is basically invisible on the web. Because no one will ever see it. You want to find a keyword that is very targeted, not general or broad and it must have less than 10,000 competing results. You can find out how many competing results a keyword has by typing it in quotes into Google. “like this”.

This will show you exactly how many web pages there are on the internet that contain that exact phrase….this is your competition.

Once you find a keyword phrase that has less than 10,000 competing web pages you will write your article focusing on that keyword phrase. Put it in the headline, first paragraph, somewhere in the middle and in the last paragraph. Make it sound and flow naturally, don’t force it in if it doesn’t sound right. After you have finished the article you will want to publish/submit it to a website or ezine that has a fairly high pagerank. (pagerank is a measurement of popularity and traffic) Your article will borrow this pagerank and it will help to make sure your article gets a top listing in Google.

The last thing you need to make sure of, and this will determine if your articles bring you any revenue, is be sure that your headline, article body, author bio box and product page link within the bio box are all very relevant to each other. Many times people don’t make any sales from their articles simply because there is a disconnect somewhere in those areas.

You may need a more in depth explanation of how to make sure your article gets a top listing in Google, but this article will get you headed in the right direction.

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