How to Sell ClickBank Products on eBay!

How to Sell ClickBank Products on eBay!

People who are struggling with affiliate marketing need to pay attention to this article. I am going to show you step by step how to make thousands each month by selling affiliate products on eBay. Nothing will be held back, and you will be able to sell ClickBank products on eBay in 20 minutes if you read this article from start to finish.

Here it is in a few short steps:

1. Go to ClickBank and find a product that you want to promote. It can be almost anything, because people are looking for almost anything on eBay. The key is to find a product that has a gravity between 30-80. This means the product is selling well, but does not have too much competition.

2. You are going to create a classified ad on eBay. These ads cost $9.95 each for a 30 day listing. I suggest you start with 3-5 ads, if you can afford 10 then go for it. You will list an ad for each product that you want to sell. Make sure the ad has a compelling headline, and outlines the benefits the product has.

3. Make sure that you list your classified in the proper category. Most ClickBank products will fall in the everything else category under information products. By listing your product in the proper category, it ensures that your ad will not be pulled. Also an important note is that you must use the classified ad format to sell affiliate products on eBay, because eBay does not allow digital products to be sold under regular auction format.

4. Each classified ad will get around 150 view per month, and should have a conversion rate around 4%. This means that each ad will make you around 6 sales, for a product that is around $47. You do not have to pick a $47 product, that is just the product I have seen the high 4% conversion rates with. If you do the math, you can easily make $100 per ad more much more.

So the key to sell ClickBank products on eBay is to set up 3-5 classified ads, make some money, and reinvest in more classified ads. In just a few months, you could have 100 classified ads on eBay each making you $80-$120 each!

You are not far from a five figure monthly income with eBay classified ads, so go ahead and get started today!

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