Internet Marketing Beginner – Make Money Online the Pay Per Click Way

Networks like Google AdSense give you a chance to make money by using their preferred advertisements on your sites. There are other advertisement networks available, but it makes sense to use the one that is most popular, this way you will get more traffic viewing and possibly clicking on the advertisements that you’ve chosen.

Here are 5 ways that you can use PPC to make money.


One easy way to build a list is by sending your pay per click advertisements traffic through to a squeeze page. This is a page with an optin box that offers freebies such as ebooks to people in exchange for their email address. This way, you build a list through your squeeze page and get to keep the email contact. Next, they will be forwarded to the free eBook that will directly promote them to purchase another product.

Affiliate Products

Promoting an affiliate product is fairly easy. It doesn’t require you to have a site. You only need to go through sites such as ClickBank or Commission Junction to choose from their lists of products. Once you’ve chosen a popular and high selling product, create a PPC advertisement for it affiliate product that well direct traffic to them.

Your Own Product

The difference between promoting an affiliate product or one of your own is in the workload and the volume of benefits. Here you have to actually create your own quality product and then set up a site to advertise it. Considerably more time will be needed. But remember that you will get 100% of the returns.


Pay per click is an awesome method of testing as it provides you with a solid stream of traffic. Allowing you to tweak your sales copy so that when your website starts showing up in the organic results it’s already converting at a good rate.

Affiliate Promotional Materials

By running your own PPC advertisements you’ll find out which keywords to use. You will also find out which ads converts the best. Now you’re probably thinking why would you want to give that information to your affiliates. Simple: the more affiliates that’s promoting your product, the more cash you make on the backend.

These tips are put in such a way that it ranks from the easiest and build up in complexity. So if you’ve just started, it’s best to start from the top item and work your way down once you’ve gained more skills.

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