Making Use of the DotNet Application Framework

Many offshore providers have banked on the highly powerful.NET platform to provide domain and industry-specific solutions to the clients. Most of the companies have a strong team of expert developers and experienced IT professionals who can leverage the technology to meet client requirements. Right from the 1.0 framework,.NET has been instrumental in offering a robust platform for multiple applications.

The developers who work for such offshore software development companies are usually quite well-versed with the technology and their knowledge spans the length and breadth of.NET development..NET actually helps in the creation of highly functional and profitable solutions for different types of clients. Tailor-made solutions can be created within no time since the latest.NET Framework 4.0 offers myriad options and features.

To make the most of the.NET framework 4.0 and the platform, companies have dealt with ASP.NET and also used C# and VB.NET. To leverage the features, one can also make use of.NET WinForms, web services, XML, SQL Server etc. It is important here that even with the expertise in place, one needs to deliver the solutions in a timely manner.

There are many companies who offer a number of engagement models to choose from. But one needs to be constantly flexible and have scalable resources to adapt to the client’s needs.

Some of the industry-specific services offered with the help of the.NET framework include:

  • .Net e-commerce solutions with E-commerce storefronts and payment gateway options
  • Customer Relationship Management and add-ons for resource management
  • Intranet, Extranet and Portal Development
  • Business and Financial Solutions
  • Government contractual projects and administrative solutions
  • Service Management Portals for Reporting and Support
  • Supply Chain Management Processes
  • Operations management systems, Knowledge repositories etc.

There are a plethora of companies who even provide legacy modernization services which involves migration of a legacy application to.NET application. Application migration can be performed for an application developed in VB 6.0 to VB.Net, and from ASP to ASP.NET. There are some providers who even migrate an open-source application made in PHP to be migrated to.NET. Custom migration solutions are also provided by some software development companies.

Some of the Desktop application solutions involve Network management, Smart Client & XML Web Services; SharePoint Web Parts Development, offline CRM applications, contacts management system with different search features etc. One can get a customized solution created which are mostly stable and secure. Cross platform migrations with secure configurations are highly helpful too.

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