MySpace Music Logo Branding And Using Fan Videos and Pictures to Promote Your Indie Music Online

Let me start by saying before you attempt to promote yourself/music make sure your music is actually appealing to the general public as that is where you will find the most potential fans.

The first thing to remember when setting up your music web page is to pick a domain name that is short, easy to remember, & that will be associated with you specifically. The second thing to remember is come up with some kind of image/wording that potential fans will associate with your music or product. This logo should be simple and easily read and should be placed on t-shirts & hats etc that the artists themselves may first be pictured wearing. The logo should be worked into the design of the web page and/or social networking site like Facebook, etc.

The Hip Hop artist should want to find fans of their music all over the world and when an attractive female fan shows genuine interest in the music, ask her to help you promote your music by taking pictures of themselves holding self made “fan” signs that say something about the artist being promoted. This tactic works well with attractive female fans where some may opt to use temporary body art to “show their love” for the music. The important thing is to make sure that the person get to take these pics actually expressed interest in your music first as you want them to actually be fans rather than just a random hot girl.

To take this approach to another level offer to send your best fans free logo t-shirts & promo cd’s in exchange for them taking more pictures wearing/holding the items. You should want to make sure that they give you permission to use all pics on your web pages & printed materials to promote further. The rising popularity of viral videos on sites like you tube make it a good idea to have willing fans record videos of themselves dancing to your music or talking about you/your music while wearing/holding your promo shirts/hats, CD’s etc.

If you send a DJ an mp3 of your song as well as a video with girls dancing to your song, the DJ will be more likely to test your song in the club as club deejays tend to focus on making girls dance. A combination of all these different promo tools serves a couple purposes. The fans will feel they have become a part of your story and will promote you to other people even when just trying to show off their own “modeling” to their friends. When new visitors visit your page they will see you/your music being promoted by attractive females (sex appeal sells) instead of just you trying to convince them to listen.

This will provide you with a network of promotion where if you have made fans around the world become part of your page, they will promote around the world. This strategy also gives your page a sense of social proof in which it shows that you/your music is accepted by the public around the world and each new page visitor will be more likely to become a fan and possibly add to your promo network. You should stay in touch with your promo model fans and send them your new music to check out whenever you release new material. You should request new promo pics occasionally to keep having fresh promo material for you as well as give them reason to send more people to check out your site/music as well.

The most important thing to remember again is you have to make & be marketing music that people other than you, your family & friends like in order to gain fans in the general public who are willing to put themselves out there & promote for you like that. If you /your music do not appeal to the public then why is the public (hot girls etc) going to want to help represent & promote you.

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