PPC Shadow – The Truth About PPC Shadow Spying Tool

Pay per click marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a website. Not only you can grab leads by using the right keywords, you can easily test campaigns and run A/B tests to find out which ads and landing pages work the best in the PPC channel. Pay per click is used by most companies to generate leads and acquire new customers. As a result, the industry has become crowded, and the bidding wars have pushed the costs to new highs.

If you are a PPC or affiliate marketer, you can’t afford to spend a fortune just to test out an offer. It would be nice to know what offers actually work so you can spend more time on optimizing and less time on figuring out which products work the best. PPC Shadow is a new PPC spying tool that allows you to find out exactly what keywords bring profit to other advertisers.

No one likes to lose money on AdWords. That is why marketers test offers for a week or two and discard those which do not work. With PPC Shadow, you can track advertisers by keywords and figure out how long they have been running their ads. By gathering this data, you can find out what ads are generating profit for others, and you can use the same approach to make profit online as well.

PPC Shadow is a hosted service, which means the data will be gathered by a third-party service at all times. Any changes to your advertiser’s ads are recorded in the system, allowing to find out the strategies of your competitors and how you can counter them. PPCShadow makes it possible to track ad positioning, keywords, and ad variations used by other marketers.

You can also find out who the affiliates are in every niche. If you are an affiliate marketer, you want to spend more time figuring out how to promote product and less time searching for them. PPCShadow helps you find out what products are currently being promoted by other affiliates that are generating profit for them.

PPC Shadow is not perfect. While it can find you the right products to promote, you will still have to design your landing page and your AdWords campaign. You will have plenty of information from PPCShadow to use for your campaigns, so as long as you are dedicated to use the information gathered by this software, you can save yourself time and spend it on more important activities.

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