Pros and Cons of Pay Per Click Advertising – A Few Things to Consider Before Taking the Plunge

One of the advertising techniques that I found very exciting when I first heard about it, was PPC (pay per click). The idea of being able to have my personal add campaigns showing up on computer screens all around the world instantly was very exciting. It seems to be the number one strategy that most of the network marketing gurus are using. However, if you’re just starting out, you better be prepared to spend some serious time, energy, and buckets of your hard earned gold and silver plated coins.

Pay per click is not something that most people will be able to just jump into and immediately see the results that the top MLM stars are generating. You should make the commitment of three to six months just to learn the ropes. Though the education process is on going. There will always be tweaks and adjustments that you will need to be on top of, if you want to achieve great success.
There are some who have jumped into PPC before really being ready to go there. It’s not enough to have all you great ad campaigns set up and running properly if your lead and capture pages aren’t converting. Nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars in one month only to see a small number of nibbles on the other end. This happens often; and guess what? Google AdWords is not going to give you any refund after you’ve spent your last dime on advertising. It loves to take your money. They have it set up in such a way that makes it ever so easy to just keep adding more and more money into your PPC funds from your bank account or credit card. Before you know it, you’ve spent over five thousand dollars on your PPC funds in the course of one month. That’s money you’re not going to get back. Though if you’re one of those trust fund babies with unlimited funds, that may not be as big a deal to you. In which case, we should totally hang out!

Whenever you’re ready to jump into the PPC world, there are a couple of sources you need to be aware of: Perry Marshall’s ebook, ‘The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords’ is considered by many to be the bible of Pay Per Click advertising. Another great resource is found in Google AdWords Learning Center. (type Google AdWords Learning Center into your search engine). You’re also going to want to acquire as much information on keyword research as possible, as that may make or brake your MLM career.

When you’re ready to tackle on the complexities of PPC, just know that you have a responsibility to do your homework or you will definitely loose a great deal of money. Know that you, and you alone are responsible for your own education. After you’ve done your research and training, PPC advertising may reward you with more high quality leads than you’ll know what to do with. Though I would suggest before spending that much time and money, you better have a clear idea of what to do with all the leads that will be coming your way. Do your homework.

That’s my two cents. I wish you all great success.

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