Rebranding Without Losing Customers & Online Followers

Do you feel your business needs rebranding,,, being a decade-old enterprise?
If yes, it’s certainly a good idea. As the way you keep on improving your product-line or services with evolving technology and market requirements, your brand too needs a revamp.

There are a number of companies out their which follow rebranding without getting afraid of its reverse effects. Because, though changing your company’s image, logo, brand colors, online presence, services/products, vision, mission, etc. makes it a challenge to retain the customer-base, taking care of a few things can help you deal with it.

Things to Take Care of While Doing Rebranding –

Be Flexible on Developing another Website – Don’t go for a new website unless your new services or products are extremely different than the previous ones. Just putting your new logo, new brand colors, freshly written relevant-content with new targeted keywords, etc. can be enough. In case, you need to have new URL due to the name change or alike reasons, redirecting the old site to the new URL would help. Making good efforts in terms of web designing & SEO Services is prudent. However, not having two websites or entirely a new one would prove to be easier, maintenance perspective.

Keep same Social Media Pages – With having established follower-base on various social media platforms, recreating all of the social media pages is of course a big risk on losing them. On the other hand, you will need to take up all the efforts to develop it right from zero. So, you don’t need to undergo all that effort as social media platforms like Facebook lets you update your new information on the existing page.

No Need to Set Up a new Google My Business listing – Your current business listing is on the map, carries good following. So, just updating that would suffice the purpose for your revamped business. The fuss of creating a new business listing shouldn’t be there to trouble you.

Get Skilled Assistance – While undergoing rebranding and working on the above things, getting help from best web designers, SMM, SEO services consultants or experts is worth. Since, only skilled brains and expert hands can help you have effective rebranding results, putting updated techniques and knowledge into it. Connecting to the best web designing & SEO Services Company in various cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur would let you have skilled professionals to work for you.

So, just go following these things to have happy rebranding and see its effective results!!