Search Engine Optimisation: 3 Important Buyer Thought Processes

Search engine optimization continues to play an integral part in the success of both established and fledgling websites. More and more information is available, primarily from the search engines themselves, to help to identify keywords and keyword phrases that are being searched for on a monthly basis. If you are trying to sell products and services it is increasingly important to try and get into the mindset of your potential customer and predict what they will be searching for and the search terms they will be using.

The following are 3 thought processes that will help you to get into the buyer mindset and hopefully assist you in attracting both traffic and customers.

1. The Bestseller Thought Process:
People want the best products at the best prices and are willing to shop around to get them. A simple but highly effective way to target these potential customers is to include the word ‘bestselling,’ or ‘bestsellers,’ in keyword phrases. For example, ‘bestselling tennis rackets,’ will return a high number of results that immediately evoke a level of trust as consumers value the opinion of other consumers. This also works with the phrases like, ‘top 10 tennis rackets,’ and ‘top selling tennis rackets.’

2. Feature Based Thought Process:
This thought process concentrates on the features and extras involved with product purchases. The complexity of search engines allows searches to become very focused down to specific details and requirements. An example would be, ‘Alarm Clock with iPod Dock,’ or ‘TV with Freeview HD.’ The number of variations of these phrases opens up a massive opportunity to really target specific product capabilities and your potential customer base accordingly.

3. Buyer Demographics Process:
This is a broader area to target and gives a great flexibility to target your customers more specifically. The process applies to gender, age and the experience of the user of your product. For example you could target, ‘Hair Straighteners for Men,’ ‘Swimming Goggle for a 2 year old,’ or ‘Digital cameras for beginners.’ These are all phrases that attract searches and with a little research you can begin to realise the full potential of a less obvious, but equally profitable customer base.

These strategies can be quickly and easily utilised within your keyword targeting strategy or within the titles for articles that you can write and share to help to increase your search engine optimization, traffic and authority.