SEO Strategy for Social Media Management

Amazing is the power and beauty of integrating search engine optimization strategy with social media management. Optimizing social sites with specific key phrases and proper linking can dramatically increase online exposure and brand awareness. Google is increasingly listing social media sources on search results pages and plans to do more. Therein lies the opportunity. By capturing multiple page one listings with multiple messages from differing sources and catching consumers in the act of looking for a solution, you become the solution.

The power positions in this game are the first three organic listings on Google. These spots receive clicks from almost seventy percent of all search traffic, as opposed to PPC ads, whose combined ten, page one, paid spots, acquire less than twenty percent. Clearly, this is where we want your business to be. Careful keyword research for higher consumer centric search phrases can get you there. Being there, can increase your online ROI by migrating advertising dollars from pay per click to organic search engine and social media efforts.

Consumers who search online have a need, they need answers. Search results are not an interruption, as with traditional advertising, so your message comes with trust and authority. This is the beauty of it; no other media works that way. By tailoring your message, based on keywords, the obvious relevance shows the consumer that they are in the right place. This keeps customers on the page longer, reducing bounce rates and increasing sales opportunities.

Optimizing multiple social sites like Twitter and Facebook will raise ranking potential. Having multiple listings on the first page of searches make you look like the only game in town and gives the advantage of delivering multiple benefits of your product in Meta descriptions to appeal to several targets within the market.

The increased market share and online visibility worldwide will enhance corporate image with involvement in the social community. Consumers know they now have a voice. Social media can often satisfy and create loyal customers, by knowing they are being heard, even if the circumstances cannot be changed.

SMM and SEO often require a significant investment up front, in your time or your money. However, the strategy can work well within most marketing plans, and often small changes will incur large gains. Search engine optimization in a social media management strategy will deliver long term ROI. You can take that to the bank.

There are billions of searches done every month, and every impression offers an opportunity for increased brand awareness and trust. The power of integrating SEO with a Social Media Management strategy, and optimizing with targeted keywords, increases the beautiful occurrence of catching customers in the act.