Seven Qualities of the Virtuous Woman

Seven Qualities of the Virtuous Woman

Women are wonderful specie created by God to help men achieve their destiny on earth by the instrumentality of their God ordained gifts, which are better known as virtues. The acquisition of these virtues can position women on the pedestal of unlimited greatness and help them achieve more in limited time.

Below are seven wonderful virtues which are not only necessary but compulsory for all women to operate at the highest level.

She is fearless
Fear is one factor that can destroy the destiny of an individual at the speed of light. The ability to fearlessly utilize ones gift and talent is a priceless asset in the life of every success-hungry individual.

Wisdom is the right application of knowledge. It involves the ability of an individual to deal with issues and make the right choices to achieve success in life. Every woman who aspires to succeed in marriage, business, academics or finance must strive to acquire wisdom. Above everything else, one must seek wisdom.

Hospitality is the ability to lend a hand of help to the under-privilege and needy in the society. It is common to see women getting involved in the hospitality industry as nurses, doctors, hotel and catering services. Women by nature are emotionally sensitive than men. The virtue of hospitality is a key factor in the life of every lady who intends to succeed in life.

Laziness is a common feature among folks who have failed in life. it is sad to note that majority of individuals who desire success in life are not prepared to pay the price for success. The virtuous woman cannot be found among the lazy or idle. She is always out finding something to cater for her home.

One of the distinguishing features of every virtuous woman is beauty and style. Women are noted for their sense of beauty and finesse. They spend quality time taking care of themselves and it eventually shows in the unique way they make things glow around their immediate surrounding.

Strength in this context does not imply physical but inner strength. It is the ability to deal with issues without allowing oneself to be distracted. Women may be frail on the outside but very strong on the inside. They carry so many burdens at home and outside their homes, but yet are able to organize things in the best possible ways.

Dignity has to do with integrity and self-respect. When an individual is able to attain the level of honor and dignity, success will become inevitable. A virtuous woman not only bring honor to herself, but also to her spouse and family.

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