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Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale’s manager, Sammy Baah Flex, has shared his artiste’s side of the story in the wake of a court judgment that instructs the musician to pay over $120,000 to the organizers of ‘Wildaland Festival’.

A few days ago, Maverick City Entertainment, organizers of the popular Wildaland Festival, triumphed in a two-year-long legal tussle against Shatta, who breached their contract sometime in 2021.

Shatta Wale was hurled before the court for his failure to show up at the Wildaland Festival in 2021 after receiving a full performance fee of $120,000, among others.

An Accra High Court presided by her ladyship Afi Agbanu Kudomor J, ordered the dancehall artiste to pay an amount of one hundred and twenty thousand Dollars ($120,000) to Maverick City Entertainment, organizers of the popular Wildaland Festival.

Among other reliefs, judgment was entered on behalf of the plaintiff for interest on the sum of $120,000 from 14th December 2021 to the date of the final payment at a rate of 5.5% (New York federal interest rate) being a sum total of ten thousand eight hundred and ninety-two United States Dollars forty-seven cents ($10,892.47).

However, Sammy Flex, in a bid to explain what transpired and clear out some narratives said his artiste wasn’t sued as reports have interpreted.

In his words, “The last time they sat on this issue in court, this pronouncement came out. This is no big issue; the gentleman took your money and he did not perform. Just go for your money. Shatta has not been sued as some people are trying to interpret it.

“Of course, the court agreed that because there have been some years of interval, we should do this and that just to make sure the other guys are happy. That is why there are other accrued damages for him to take care of. Of course, that is what legal systems do. Legal systems make sure they do everything they are supposed to do to bring peace and order.”

Explaining the misunderstanding between both parties that landed them in court, he said Shatta Wale was booked on the very day he had an equally important event to attend.

Sammy Flex said Wildaland was a 3-day event, and they tried to get the organizers to book another slot for him but they refused.

“The gentleman (Shatta) tells them on the 26th he has a program somewhere so book him for the 27th, for whatever reasons. Reasons that nobody has been able to find out why. They won’t find out whatever transpired and then they come out and still give him 26th.

“Because he had another event on that same day, he couldn’t make it. He couldn’t play both shows on same day so he opted for one, the other one. There was confusion as to what to do and team Wildaland brought their lawyers into the conversation. Shatta also tried to handle the issues,” he added.

Shatta earlier admitted to receiving $120,000 Wildaland Festival organizers but failed to perform

In October 2022, Shatta Wale during an interview with Giovani Caleb on TV3 confirmed receiving $120,000 as payment for the agreed performance.

He made these statements while disclosing the huge amount of money he had made from a list of events without showing up.

“I am the only artiste in Ghana that has been able to charge shows $100,000 three times in a row. And I won’t lie. The first Afro Nation show that they did in Ghana, the first time, they paid me $100,000 cash. Cardi B’s show that was held in Ghana, I was paid another $100,000.

“I took the money and didn’t go because they violated the contract. That’s what happened because it was a nice agreement. Sadiq’s Wildaland, I got paid $120,000. If the other artistes want to know, I want to tell them. So, if I tell somebody that I’ve been able to make $300,000 from shows in Ghana, they will think I’m bragging,” he retorted.


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