Social Networking Marketing – Most Effective Way of Marketing

Marketing yourself or your product can take a lot of time and money. At least, that’s what marketing professionals want you to think. While it’s true that to get a professional marketing strategy up and running, you will need experience and practical knowledge, but to get yourself started with internet marketing, you just need a bit of time and a bit of brains. This article will help you to realize the potential of social networking sites and how to properly incorporate them into your marketing scheme.

For this article, I will use the idea that you have written a self help book, and that is what you will be marketing to the world. These same strategies can be used for marketing anything: music, films, art, lawn mowing services, CV writing classes, but in this instance we will be looking at a book. There are four main types of social networking marketing: blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

One of the best ways to get your product out there is to have a blog. WordPress marketing refers to using the blog hosting site WordPress to set up a blog and to market your product. A blog is a web log, which is very different to a website or a wiki. On a website, content is quite static, and the user goes to the site to get some information, and then leaves. On a blog, the reader can comment and ask questions, and the information is updated regularly. There are blogs on everything imaginable nowadays, so getting a blog to market your product should be step one in your marketing strategy. Blogs are easy to get and to maintain than a website, and you can put all of your vital information on there.

Step two in using social networking sites for internet marketing is to set up a Facebook account for your product. If you already have a personal account, set one up a fan page for you as a writer, but also make sure to set a up a fan page for your book. To get the most out of your profile, keep it up to date and keep using it. Make sure your profile picture resembles your book and how you want it to be shown to the world. Add friends who have similar interests as you, like self help organizations, book sellers, publishing companies, and general people. Update your wall with information about you, the book, tour and signing dates, and other things of interest. Make sure you keep this profile separate from your own; no one wants to see pictures of you passed out when they look for self help.

Twitter marketing can be used in conjunction with your Facebook marketing and your blog. When you create a new blog, update the link on your Facebook page and through your Twitter. You can use your Twitter in the same way as you use your Facebook, by keeping your followers up to date. Twitter is an easier way to keep in touch with your readers and to network with people.

YouTube marketing is still quite new, and unlike the other forms of internet marketing it is harder to pin down. However, creating short and sweet videos about you and your product will help to increase your readership. For example, record yourself doing a reading of some of your book, then include a link to your social networks. Film your lectures, tours, and book signings and put them up, too.

By using all of these strategies, you will get your name and your product out there to the consumers.

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