Summary of the Movie “The Hangover”

One of the number one movies across America for weeks after its premiere is called The Hangover. The Hangover is the story of four guys who plan a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas that goes horribly wrong when they wake up and can’t find the groom. The guys look everywhere in the hotel for their friend, but to no avail. After many twists and turns it seems the guys may need a bail bonds after they find themselves in jail for stealing a police car during the night. Luckily, one of the friends, Phil, is able to save them from needing a bail bond while in Las Vegas. And so the adventure begins as the three men try to find the groom before his wedding.

The film starts with three men taking their best friend to Sin City for his Bachelor Party. After getting ready to go out, the men go out to the roof of their hotel and toast to a night they will never forget. Then, the screen goes blank and it turns into morning in the city.

One of the men, Stu, wakes up to find their hotel suite in ruins and hurries to wake the others. None of them seems to be able to remember what had happened the previous night. In the mean time, Alan, goes to the restroom and finds a tiger in their bathroom. Quickly, the three friends realize the groom is no where to be found so, they start looking for clues. Phil finds a wristband from the hospital, so the three men try their luck at the hospital, but when they give the valet their ticket, he brings them a police car. The men take the car and continue to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor remembers that there were four men when they all came to hospital. He also tells them they had just come from a wedding and tells them where the wedding chapel they were at is.

The guys go the wedding chapel and find out that Stu got married to stranger and Doug, the groom, was indeed with them during the wedding. So, the men go to the bride’s apartment to see if she remembers anything. She says she doesn’t know what they did after they left her, but they are interrupted when the police officers come into the apartment to arrest the guys for stealing the cop car.

At the police station, Phil is able to fast talk his way into getting all of the guys released from prison by allowing himself and his friends to demonstrate how a tazer works in front of grade school children who are at the police station for a tour.

After more hilarious events, the three guys are able to find their missing groom and get him to his wedding on time, where the groom vows he will never do anything similar again as long as he is married to his new wife.

The Hangover is a surprisingly witty and very funny film. The name does not give the movie enough credit. If you see this movie, be prepared to laugh a lot at the outrageous events that occur in the film.

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