Tips for Choosing the Perfect Logo Color

A high-quality logo is essential to promote a business effectively and attract new customers. However, choosing the perfect version is not easy, as many components and factors must be taken into account. One important component is the color of the logo. A properly chosen color combination brings logos to life and makes brands popular. But how do you choose the perfect logo color? Let’s try to figure it out together.

What is a logo?

A logo is a graphical representation of a commercial brand. It should be of high quality and unique, attract consumer attention, and promote brand recognition among customers. Logos were invented to identify products from one category and differentiate them. The logo should be a true reflection of the business and its values.

Meanings of Colors

Color plays a crucial role in creating a logo. The recognition, success, and reputation of a brand depend on the proper color choice. Therefore, it is important to select the color solution appropriate to your product category.

  • Red: Reflects the desire for evolution, implies impulsiveness and thirst for victory. It indicates success, but its use in logo design can be too bright, aggressive, and provocative.
  • Blue: Symbolizes that the brand somehow connects with consumers. It is the color of purity and lightness, speaking of intelligence and reliability.
  • Green: Represents forward movement, consistency, and good mood. It is the color of harmony, positive and joyful emotions.
  • Yellow: Used as a signal color, often combined with black, and drawn oblique stripes to enhance contrast and give the logo originality. Yellow is the color of optimism, always fashionable and stylish.
  • Black: Often used to give elements of the logo a clearer outline. This color combines well with all others, emphasizing and highlighting the main idea.
  • Purple: Speaks of sensitivity, inspiration, and charm, often used in perfume brands.
  • Gray: Considered a neutral color that combines well with others, but does not show itself in the design in any way.
  • White: Creates a sense of perfection, freedom, and equality. White is often used in the design.

How to Choose a Logo Color?

The color scheme should match the general theme and be able to combine all the elements of the logo so that each of them looks nice and stylish. The abundance of colors in the creation of logos is undesirable because it can disturb the harmony and be out of place. A good logo distinguishes competent combination of two-three colors that perfectly match each other.

Avoid monochrome or boring shades. If you do not want to use many colors, then the best solution would be to use a trendy shade, but you may have to rebrand regularly. Avoid bright colors as they will rarely be appropriate, so it is better to give preference to classics, gentle colors, or interesting multi-component solutions without caustic colors.


When selecting a color, focus on whether or not it will be appropriate for your products. Follow the selection of the right color value for your brand. These two elements will help you get significantly more customers. Creating a logo and implementing it successfully is essential for your business.

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