Types of Corporate Branding and What to Consider to Grow Your Business

Types of Corporate Branding and What to Consider to Grow Your Business

For companies who are looking to grow within a difficult and competitive environment, it’s imperative that you take your corporate branding seriously, ensuring you are unique and stand out, appealing to your target audience and grabbing their attention.

One of the most important corporate branding solutions you have to pay close attention to is your company logo. Your logo should speak a thousand words, it should be the one easily identifiable thing about your business. Customers should see your logo and immediately remember the company name.

Always have your logo professionally designed as it’s going to be on all your stationary and online marketing, it is something that will remain with your company moving forward. Over time this will help customers identify your company, so ensure that your logo relates to the type of business you conduct.

The second most important corporate branding you need to pay close attention to is your company name. Your name should also be easily identifiable and memorable. Customers should see or hear your name and immediately relate it to the products or services you provide.

Your slogan is just as important. Many customers have a slogan they use to help customers identify their brand, this is seen in top corporations worldwide and is something that should be included in all marketing materials, attracting your audience and helping them remember who you are and what you do.

Corporate branding isn’t only about logo, name and slogan. There are a number of ways you need to use this to your advantage, pushing your business to the next level. With the introduction of the internet, companies are competing on a global scale, making it exceptionally competitive and you need to come up with ways to stand out above the crowd, ensuring your audience see, recognize and use your brand.

Your website should be professionally designed. While most hosting companies offer free website design, these are not professional and you want a site that is fast to load and easy to navigate. It should be designed by a team of professionals with simple layout, helping customers identify products, services and learn more about your company moving forward. You need to advertise your site, increasing brand visibility and reaching your audience with ease.

Another important element to corporate branding is your stationary that you rely on daily. This includes business cards, letter heads, compliment slips and envelopes, to mention a few. Even though a large majority of business is conducted online these days, having these items can help you reach your audience offline.

Again, your stationary will bear your logo, name and slogan, ensuring your corporate branding remains with you throughout your business life. Handing a business card to a potential customers bearing your logo will help them recognize your logo when they see it on promotional materials or online.

Printed advertising is another opportunity to increase brand visibility and ensure your corporate branding is working for you. Whatever advertising you do should incorporate your logo, company name, contact information and slogan. The more you push your brand, the more people will recognize it, turning to you when they need a product or service that you provide.

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