Types Of Infomercials

With technological advancement and the increasing reliance of people on the information media, Infomercials have become a potent form of advertising a product. Infomercials, formed by combining the words information and commercials, are one of the major forms of promotional activity. It might take different forms but the objective is to focus on the target audience and entice them to buy a product.

There are different types of infomercials. Some are produced with a full-scale production team, location shoots and a very large cast. They are made on a larger scale and involve more investments while other infomercials are in the format of low budget talk shows. These talk shows typically have a pitch person who reads out a handful of questions written by experienced copywriters, and an expert who answers theses questions in an articulate and convincing manner. These talk shows are pre-taped commercials but presented as if they are actual live shows. Such talk shows, in some cases, do help in promoting a product but more often the hype is about the success of the program

There are programs, which use testimonials by common and ordinary folks as a way of countering the fears and apprehension of the target audience and thereby creating market for their product.

Some of the infomercials take the support of the celebrities to catch the attention of the viewers. These infomercials entail larger production costs as celebrities may charge hefty amounts for endorsing products. Such infomercials in some cases catch the attention of the viewers but more often their appeal is diluted by the fact that focus is more on the success of the show rather than the product’s efficacy.

Whatever the form, the infomercials have changed the pattern of promoting and selling products with a noticeable impact on consumer behavior. The influx of these infomercials in different TV channels bears testimony to this trend.

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