Vernacular Content: The Future of Content Marketing

It all began with Computers and then came the internet connecting them. Personal computers then further customized and personalized the experience for individuals. They too were later replaced by laptops and smart-phones that actually carry a miniature version of personalized platforms and content in the form of applications. Thus, technology innovation to customize it for more degree of user personalization has been key in development of technology. A huge part and aspect of possible personalization, missed up until now has been the ‘vernacular edge’. Simply stating, all the websites and applications can be recreated to cater to various local languages and dialects spoken the world over. It shall effectively make them look and feel closer to the reader’s mindset.

English is a widely spoken language, but not the only one, and certainly not known by everybody. It is one of the regular languages of the developed and affluent world. But, the developing and under-developed regions of the world are populated with millions of individuals who do not enter schools or rather, rich English-medium schools. What about them? Should they be left out, and behind in this new social platforms-savvy generation? Internet has been developed to cater to all. It is a digital platform that connects all smart devices, anywhere and everywhere. Then why is the content developed in and for people who read and write in English only? Internet, its various websites and applications in itself can be customized to present content in various local languages and dialects. It shall enable the World Wide Web to close in on users who are not English-educated.

Content is the most important marketing aspect for any online company. It makes or breaks the image. Content Marketing strategies thus, form a major aspect of their business growth plans. Likewise, they are required to spend a chunk on its appropriate development. Vernacular Content development can help this marketing strategy develop a connection and strike a direct chord with the intended customers. The technical part involved is simple. Content developed in localized languages can be uploaded as pages and connected to particular websites. For a particular area, your website and application shall be bound to withdraw the pages of particular languages and display them to the reader. With the advent of higher levels of technology and Artificial Intelligence, this is no more a herculean task.

Companies on the World Wide Web, be it a website or a social platform page or an application are looking to cater to a worldwide audience. Can they or should they be then made to lose out on half the world audiences due to language differences. Yes, various translation tools are easily available on the internet. But, they involve only word-to-word translation, losing out big-time on the essence of the content. Moreover, every language consists of its local jokes and other components that seem good in their real form only. Vernacular content creation can help a company reap benefits of all this and more with higher readability, higher customer turnaround rate, client- loyalty and much higher returns on investment. Vernacular Content Marketing is thus, the coming future of the internet.

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