Ways to Get High CTR, Low CPC and High ROI in PPC Advertising

Among the traditional methods of advertising, the fastest growing way is internet advertising. PPC advertising is one of the most popular method of internet advertising. It is effective, cost effective, proven and affordable to every pocket. If you are desperate and frustrated with failures using PPC advertising, you must know that every successful marketer has his own share of failures. PPC advertising has the advantage of speed as the result comes almost instantly. It is ideal for generating leads, you can track the performance and can improve the campaigns by tweaking.

If you have a high CTR which is the percentage of clicks with the number of impressions, it will automatically reduce cost per click (CPC) in case of Google AdWords and if you have a good product to offer, you can get a high return on investment (ROI). It is desirable that you have a really good useful product to offer and the landing page is able to generate interest in the product. Normally PPC is used for generating leads and making visitors know about the product. The visitors may return back later to consider your product.

You need to build, customize and manage campaigns, however you must first read about PPC advertising otherwise it can be very expensive. Initially keep your daily budget less than $10. If you do not see any sale for 300 clicks, you must consider some other product. Whether to have large or small list of keywords depends on your objective. Normally you should go for more specific and targeted keywords which are cheaper than broad keywords. More keywords means more traffic, but we do not need just traffic, it has to be a good quality and targeted traffic.

In PPC advertising the first important step is keyword research. You can use any keyword tool like Yahoo’s overture, Google, MSN, keyword discovery etc. to get more related keywords. You can even try some keyword spy tools which can show your competitors’ keywords and ads. Initially use only searched keywords, not the content feature offered by some PPC programs. Minimize using broad keywords. Use more long tail keywords and ‘exact’ and ‘phrase’ match if available. If you are using few keywords- they should be long tailed, targeted, and bid should be such that the ad position comes to 1-4. Use of misspelled keywords can also be tried. If you need really cheap clicks, you can try some PPC like goclick.com who accept bids as low as $0.01. You must use quality ads following the guidelines of the PPC company, to increase CTR.

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