What is the Best Pay Per Click Plan?

There are scores of search engines online that offer comprehensive pay per click plans that could become a part of your overall SEO strategy. For instance, Yahoo Search Marketing Solution (also known as Overture) and Google Adwords, guide you through the process of creating, submitting and activating your pay per click advertisement. Of these two options, Google AdWords is the most popular possibly because Google is now the biggest and most searched of these engines in the world.

Google AdWords is also more expedient than Yahoo’s program. Your per click campaign can be up and running within an hour if you are used to these things – within the three days if you are newbie to it all. Yahoo, on the other hand, takes longer because there is an application process that is overseen by actual humans who decide whether or not you are pay per click program worthy. Once your campaign is launched through Yahoo it isn’t visible until it climbs to a top position in the rankings. This is just too much SEO politics for some people and they end up at Google, which is less fussy. If you want those pay per click ads up and running quickly, then you are better off to choose Google.

Getting used to Google AdWords however is no picnic for some and some can’t make it work it all. Furthermore most newbies to the program have found it difficult to keep their click through rates (CTR) high enough so that their ad is not disabled. Google ads are disabled (and an email sent to you to “try again”) if your ad does not meet a minimum of 1% CTR to support itself. After a while this can get obnoxious, not to mention expensive. Still if you must go for a pay per click SEO program then Google is the lesser of two big evils

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