Why Smart Recruiters Invest in Resume Parser Software?

Online recruitment and social media recruiting have become the order of the day in today’s recruiting world. Internet sources like search engines, job boards, social networking sites, professional networking sites, blogs, personal websites, portals, wiki, forum, user groups, alumni associations, publications, etc. have now become the hunting grounds for recruiters to look for resumes. But the challenge here is how to extract resumes or parse resumes, and transfer the candidate contact information into the database.

Manually extracting the resumes from various resume sources and copy-pasting candidate contact information into the database is an uphill task for recruiters. Manual resume extraction on a daily basis is not only time-consuming but also a tiresome task. It hinders other recruiting activities like reaching the candidates or following up with a candidate or client.

Surveys reveal that recruiters spend most of their recruiting time to extract resumes and transfer the candidate details to the database. This is why smart recruiters invest in resume parser software to make the most of their opportunities. A resume parser software automates resume data extraction and helps recruiters speed up the recruiting process and save a lot of their time.

A resume parser with built-in resume parsing technology helps recruiters extract resumes from almost any source in a few minutes. It effortlessly extracts resumes from search engine results, outlook emails, PC folders, clipboard, social networking sites, blogs, Internet communities, etc. and transfers the contact information into the respective fields in your database. It supports the most popular databases like ACT!, GoldMine, PC Recruiter, Zoho Recruit, etc. The resume parser software completely eliminates manual resume data entry and eases the job of recruiters.

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