WoW Gold Review – World of Warcraft

If you’re thinking of buying World of Warcraft gold – you’re not alone there are literally hundreds of sites selling gold on every server. Even if you look for WoW gold review sites and comments there’s no guarantee you’ll be okay.

First thing to realise is that buying gold in World of Warcraft is against the Terms of service so if you get ripped off or scammed there’s little you can do. You pay Russian gold farmers $80 dollars for a nice chunk of WoW gold – they ignore you and you never see the money again – what can you? I’m afraid very little – it’s part of the risk.

The next risk is getting your account banned for being caught buying gold – now Blizzard are much more likely to ban you for selling Gold but you still can get banned for buying. It used to be a temporary suspension but there are more reports of people being permanently banned and accounts deleted. Remember if you buy or sell WoW gold – this is the risk you’ll have to take get caught and you’ll have to take the consequences.

How can you get caught buying WoW gold ?

It’s actually very easy – although obviously there are millions of players in World of Warcraft – it is actually fairly simple for Blizzard to search for specific events and instances. Once an account is suspected of being involved in buying or selling gold it is very easy to keep tabs on this account and anyone who has any dealings with them. This is why you’ll suddenly get lots of people getting bans when they buy from specific merchants – they’re not being ripped off the merchant has been tagged and so will all their customers. Blizzard could let a certain Gold seller stay in business whilst they pick off customers easily – it’s easier than deleting the gold sellers account who will instantly open up a new one.

Remember World of Warcraft is a huge business now – maintaining the integrity of their game is worth losing several thousand accounts. Blizzard won’t think twice about deleting accounts who have been involved in gold selling or buying. In fact sellers also face possible legal action as well.

It’s tempting to read a good WoW gold review and pop over to buy some much needed gold. But understand the risks before you do it – you will probably be OK but it is a lottery and if you lose bye bye World of Warcraft account.

Personally I used to hate the World of Warcraft gold grinding so I did the next best thing and bought a WoW gold guide. It’s the best thing I ever did in game – although I still have to farm a bit of gold I can now do it so quickly that it barely bothers me. See which WoW gold guides I preferred in my review ( I bought some hopeless ones as well)

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